Welcome. I'm glad you found me.

Starting a community like this is a blessing, and I am so grateful that you are here. Please explore, read my short stories, order my first book, Intimate Nightmares, whatever you feel in the need that arises. I worked on my first project for over a decade; finally, it is finished and I can now share it with all of you along with my other projects, both finished and under construction.

I’ve committed to constantly updating my site with additional information about the histories behind each character in my books, my writing process and inspiration, exciting updates and book plans, and much more.

What I love most about the world I’ve created, is that there is a lesson in here for everyone. Whether you’re newly single, raising some rowdy kids, considering divorce, looking for the love of your life, struggling with your career, or coming to grips with your past… There’s a place for everyone, and it’s a world that will keep expanding for as long as it reveals itself to me.

I dabble in all genres but I delve into few. There is something lawless and raw about love and crime in the same universe. The limits people will go to save the ones they can’t live without. The lines they will erase to rectify choices. The chances they will take. The unhappiness they will breed in order to feel happy. The consequences of bad actions they will suffer and the things they will give up in a futile attempt to erase the past. The glory they find when they don’t give up. The blood and ghosts they leave behind after the last page is read. Remember, every happy ending is laced with the aftermath of the road endured to get there.

I write it all. And then rewrite it all.

The world of writing is a vast place, taking us into undiscovered space. Places we go when we need to hide and openness when we feel free enough to be exposed. Life happens because we create it. Controversy happens when we breed it. Tears and smiles we create like the faces on a theater. Fiction is defined as something not real—ironic—because this definition is the biggest lie of all.

To me, fiction, at its core, is the freedom of expression, the permission to invent, and the ability to control the outcome in a world more certain than our own. It is a world of risk and rewrite, frustration and crumpled paper, isolation and avoidance.

But it is also a world of love and beauty, crime and passion, climax and conclusion. It is fiction and I’m its author.

And I will use all my ghosts to bring my stories to life.

Thank you again for your belief and support. Take a peak around at what I’ve created for you to explore!

-Krymzen Hall

Intimate Nightmares

There's something about secrets that we can’t explain—how they, through their own will, take on a life of their own. They dominate their owners through guilt; yet, they also soothe the psyche, providing justification for their covert existence. When caged long enough, however, they become rabid, and mutate into something more sinister than the devil on his worst day.

They linger in their intelligence…until they find a way to shed the darkness…until they become strong enough to stand on their own. Then they are no longer secrets; they are gut-wrenching, flesh-shedding shards of reality having been fueled by fear of exposure.

Arianna Jackson is now living that reality, drowning in pain, and cut to the core.

She's been keeping one of those dangerous secrets since before she met the love of her life, Nate. Even though they've spent 11 years creating an idyllic life full of professional merits, a beautiful home, and happy children, Arianna's secret has sat lurking in the dark, waiting to spawn, waiting to wreak havoc in her utopia. When it surfaces, as they always do, her past and present collide, creating a 2-year long nightmare, literally. Not even Supervisory Special Agent Nate Jackson is prepared for what lies ahead.

Can they survive the haunting, or will the secret win, perhaps multiply, and crash down their perfect life?

What Are People Saying About Intimate Nightmares?

  • R. Ross

    It is easy to imagine author Krymzen Hall eating, sleeping, and breathing nothing but Intimate Nightmares in the service of its creation. The world of husband and wife Nate and Ani is so incredibly complex, their characters so deep, that you will feel like you know them and their lives inside and out as they navigate the many trials that befall them.

    R. Ross
  • Christine C.
    I loved the character development and the story line. Many surprise twists and turns.
    Christine C.
  • Amazon Customer
    Great read. I enjoyed this book, but I am hoping there is a sequel to find out what happened with Zachary.
    Amazon Customer
  • Kindle Customer
    Wonderfully written, action packed with a twist or two I didn't see coming! Can't wait for the sequel. Awesome book!
    Kindle Customer
  • Traci Baez
    Very well-written, extremely powerful words! Author shows incredible thought to detail, as well as great story-telling ability! Superb breakthrough novel!
    Traci Baez
  • I really enjoyed reading it and at times I couldn’t put it down. An intriguing and indepth story of needs versus egos, family versus pride. Are you writing a sequel soon?  I hate leaving good “character/friends” that I have grown close to and concerned about, through your written word.

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