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NateNate Jackson was born on Christmas day in a hospital in Houston, Texas. He had a childhood many would envy, a stable, middle class existence that eventually elevated to the upper-middle class the further his father’s career grew. His father worked hard, became a pilot for Delta airlines at a time when the airline industry saw few African-American pilots.

But Nate didn’t have a cushy existence. His father treated him as if they didn’t have much, making Nate work exceptionally hard for every dollar. From raking leaves to washing cars, from paper routes to part-time jobs, Nate’s father never gave him a break until his father felt he earned it. This was in addition to the straight A’s his father demanded he make in every school year. It took Nate years to understand his father’s methods. It wasn’t until Nate became a family man with two boys that he truly understood the appreciation he had for money and the discipline he possessed to earn it.

But he still loathed his father, and carried tremendous resentment for years, blaming his father for his mother’s leaving and his father’s subsequent philandering with many—too numerous to count—females. Nate’s mom walked out on Nate when he was just a little boy. He was left to essentially raise his siblings (while excelling in his life as his father demanded) as his father slept his way into forgetfulness of his absent mother. This caused Nate to become what could be considered the most mature young man in Texas, along with being the boy holding the biggest chip on his shoulder of any male alive. This made him excel in life as a teen and young adult, but regrettably, it also made him pick up his father’s philandering ways out of a disgust for most women.

That is until college, when he met Arianna, the woman who would change what he thought was his destiny of being forever single and detached in any feelings.

Nate holds a Master of Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee. He began his career in the military, an intelligence officer stationed at the National Security Agency in Maryland. He then joined the DEA after being recruited by the agency. He plans to retire with the same organization.

Until college, he lived in Houston his entire life, hadn’t traveled much as far as he could remember. He still has vague thoughts of a trip to Disney World before his mother left the family. He never asked his father about it and has never seen a single relic to confirm his memory. Talking about his mother is a painful subject.

He’s a die-hard weight lifter and runner and is in exceptional shape. He plays sports when he can and was a successful college quarterback. But he doesn't workout for vanity. He uses fitness as a tool to deal with the stress of life, his job, his obligations as a husband and also being a parent. If he didn't have exercise, he often says, he would crack up.

He's fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and of course, English. He wonders about his Brazilian roots from his mother's side, but never acts on them because of the ill feelings he has toward her abandoning him.

Nate is a good man who is not afraid to make controversial choices for the right reasons.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Black  
  • Favorite Team: San Antonio Spurs  
  • Favorite Food: Pizza and anything protein  
  • Favorite Hobby: Nate often says he has no time for hobbies. He does like to go fishing when time permits.

Arianna Arianna Jackson was born July 2nd in a housing project in Knoxville, Tennessee. She grew up poor, the child of a failed hardware store owner turned custodial worker and a stay-at-home mom. As far as she can remember, she never had many friends where she grew up. But she wasn’t stupid. She was the minority in her world—a white woman surrounded by black people, people she knew her father tried desperately to keep at bay.

When she turned four, her mother got a job as a custodian as well. A neighboring family agreed to watch her when both of her parents worked. Arianna lived this existence until she was about twelve, when a series of events forced her mother to quit her job and care for her.

Things went from bad to worse. Arianna rarely left the house except to go to school. She had acquaintances but no solid friendships. Her grades were average, occasionally above average in classes she liked such as English, but never excellent.

Arianna did have a gift that she considers her life-saver. She can run—fast. She went to college on a full-ride. The University of Tennessee in Knoxville had no quarrel with handing her an athletic scholarship. This is where she met her husband and never looked back on her old life. She followed him to Maryland her sophomore year, transferred her scholarship, and completed both her bachelor’s and master’s in business from the University of Maryland.

Arianna continues to run, but is not an avid gym goer like her husband Nate. She’s into scrapbooking but like Nate, has little time for hobbies. She never left Knoxville until moving to Maryland, and the change in location took some adjusting. However, she was exactly where she wanted to be: with Nate and without Knoxville. She stayed in Maryland for a little while after graduating college. Then Nate moved her and their young son to San Antonio, where they had their second child.

Despite her poor, dysfunctional upbringing, Arianna maintains an upbeat personality (most of the time) and tries her hand at humor on occasion. Sometimes she’s good. Sometimes nobody gets the joke.

Through hard work, she opened three coffee houses and incorporated them. One is located in Maryland; the other two in San Antonio. She is the CEO of Empowerment Incorporated. Not rich, but comfortable.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Yellow (sometimes red)  
  • Favorite food: Anything sweet and anything with gluten, yes gluten. 
  • Favorite team: Her employees  
  • Favorite Hobby: Scrapbooking and running her ass off on the track

Marcus Marcus Carter was born May 28th in a hospital in Houston, Texas.

Shortly afterward, his mother disappeared and law enforcement presumed her dead. Marcus was raised by his street-smart grandfather who taught him how to be a smart man far from gullible.

He joined the military after high-school and served his years in Italy where he met his wife, Pam.

Upon discharge, they moved to San Antonio where Marcus completed his master’s degree in criminal justice and eventually became a homicide detective with the San Antonio Police Department.

He and Nate have been best friends since childhood, and made the decision to move to San Antonio so their families could remain close. Marcus often finds himself trying to calm Nate down, and every once in a while they take shots at each other in a loving attempt to get under each other's skin. They are just alike in most ways. Marcus works out regularly and is family oriented. Many people would argue, however, that Marcus is a lot more level headed.

He is laser focused on his job with the mission of helping grieving families get the justice and closure his family never received after his mom disappeared.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Dark Blue  
  • Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles  
  • Favorite Food: Tacos  
  • Favorite Hobby: Worrying over unsolved cases. Otherwise, he hangs out with Nate or dotes over his daughter.

Pam Pamela Carter was born into a military family on September 18th in Atlanta, Georgia.

She spent her childhood as military child and accompanied her parents to Italy when she was in her late-teens.

Pam eventually met Marcus and married him.

She completed her bachelor's in literature/education at an American university in Italy before they moved to San Antonio. There, she completed her master’s and doctorate in education.

Pam and Arianna have been best friends since meeting in Italy, when Nate and Arianna arrived for a visit overseas. They are inseparable much like their husbands, which can make for some awkward moments when life doesn't go smoothly and loyalties get tested.

Pam is down to earth, professional, but not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Fuscia  
  • Favorite Team: Is shopping a sport?  
  • Favorite Food: Italian  
  • Favorite Hobby: Painting

D.J.D.J. Pratt was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11th to a lower middle class family. His father was a welder, his mother a stay-at-home mom. He had a financially restricted upbringing, but never went without.

He is Marcus's partner. Although they see things often differently, and have different tastes in almost everything, they eventually develop a bond that helps Marcus cope with the loss of his former partner and best friend, Zach Sanchez.

D.J. is a former detective with the LVPD and moved to San Antonio to get a fresh start after his wife, Petra, was murdered in Las Vegas.

D.J. holds a bachelor of science in criminal justice, having brought it with him to Texas from his Alma Mater, UNLV. He's no dummy, but sometimes plays small in order to get the bad guys. He's tatted sleeve to sleeve, and makes no apologies for it.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Dark Green, like his truck  
  • Favorite Team: No favorite, but loves hockey.  
  • Favorite Food: Burgers  
  • Favorite Hobby: Drumming

Taesha Taesha Skye was born October 3rd in New York. She is a promiscuous woman with a huge heart, having left behind a traumatic past along with the cold of the north to seek a new life post-divorce in San Antonio.

She'd applied for the managerial accounting position at Arianna's company, Empowerment, and got the job. From there, she and Arianna bonded and became part of Arianna's close-knit circle of friends.

She is blunt to a flaw, yet can also be vunerable to feelings she doesn't want due to such a volatile marriage in the past.

She is credited for boosting Empowerment's sales, as she also takes a hands-on role in marketing and personal connections.

Taesha received her master of science in accounting from Columbia University, and proves that a woman can be highly educated, and still have a unique way of showing her personal style...even in Corporate America.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Yellow  
  • Favorite Team: Giants, yes she is a sports fan  
  • Favorite Food: Chinese  
  • Favorite Hobby: Sex

EvaEva Sanchez was born July 28th in San Antonio to parents who immigrated from Mexico and, through hard work, became U.S. citizens. She holds a Doctorate of Medicine from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and can by far be considered the most educated and intellectual of the women in Arianna's circle.

She became part of the group when she met Pam at an officers' wives' luncheon, and the rest is history. She is the widow of Zach, Marcus's former partner.

She is on staff at University Hospital, specializing in trauma surgery, and often takes a personal interest in her patients, especially the children. She longs for kids of her own, and still deals with the loss of her husband. Often times, she is looked at as the voice of reason for the group.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Color: Powder Blue  
  • Favorite Team: Is surgery a sport?  
  • Favorite Food: Chips with salsa verde  
  • Favorite Hobby: Singing Latin music and teaching her friends Spanish.