A Different Type of Skin

The Prequel to Intimate Nightmares

Statton is a young woman preparing to enter college. Through an unexpected encounter and a fully loaded opportunity--half by chance, half by design--she meets the university's star football jock, Nathaniel Jackson. This is her one moment, her one shot at capturing his attention. Sadly, the star jock turns out to be a huge, and immature, disappointment.

When her moment of glory gets doused, all seems lost. But when Arianna finally calms down, she learns that what lay underneath Nathaniel Jackson is more than just antics and aggravation. She is forced to rethink who she is, and what, or who, is worth the sacrifice. Most of all, she learns that forgiveness is a risky business.

Nathaniel too comes to a crossroads, where he must decide his own path in life, either grow up in order to chart a different, healthier course, or stay in his love for self-loathing and ultimately self-destruct inside his own demons.

Can Arianna muster the courage to own her scars, reveal them, and risk the possibility of Nate painfully walking away from the one thing he never thought he'd want: a woman in a different type of skin.

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