The Reality of Fiction
25th January 2016
Intimate Moments and Fireplaces
25th January 2016

How far do we go to protect our dreams and make them come true?  How much are we willing to sacrifice to save the notion that yes, we can be successful?

I’ve gone to many lengths to keep going, to make my work as credible and interesting as possible.  Despite obstacles, setbacks, and life in general, I pushed through.  And here I am.

You don’t need another speech from another aspiring anybody telling you to never give up.  You already know the drill.  What I want to talk about is how to never give up.

Mocara_Hotel_San_Antonio_Intimate_NightmaresAs if you can’t already tell, this is the Mokara Hotel in San Antonio.  If you’ve already read the book, you’ll know its meaning, its significance to Nate’s and Arianna’s relationship.  I snapped this picture on a trip back to S.A. where I was conducting some interviews to finish up Intimate Nightmares.

When I say I was conducting some interviews, I use the term interviews kind of loosely.  I parked my car in a lot and I walked—everywhere—and I talked to—anyone.

I don’t care how people look at me when I stop them and ask them random questions, or when I enter a building important to my story and ask any employee whatever I need to know. I’ll snap a picture in a minute, of anything, and talk to myself about how I’ll make it work. Then I smile at those who look at me like I’m insane.

This brings me to the give up.  When I approach anybody, I tell them who I am.  I’m an aspiring author who’s writing the next best-selling novel.  Then I get the look:  Yeah, right.  It’s enough to drag anybody down.  You get that look enough, and you’ll begin to get discouraged.  When anybody makes it clear they don’t believe in you, it makes you want to…wait for it…give up.

But let me tell you something that I had to quickly learn:

Your biggest obstacle is you, not the people that don’t believe in you, not the concierge at the hotel who you irritate with constant questions about the penthouse suite, and not the lead arson investigator/fire fighter who asks you a million questions when you ask him how to dispose of a badly burned dead body (that one was funny).  That’s why your biggest obstacle is so hard conquer.  You can’t see it in front of you.

When somebody discourages you, picture yourself successful.  Believe that you can do it.  Take a deep breath and keep going.  You have to love your goal enough to score. Period.

So, how do you not give up?

Get out of your own damn way.

Every rejection letter I received brought with it many tears.  I broke down at every no.  I didn’t query many agents and publishers, but I’d queried enough to know that this was in for a tough battle.  I’d reached my give-up point.  I couldn’t take the pain of the rejections.

Then I realized I didn’t have to.  I pictured myself successful and decided to carry my own ball.  I’m a huge fan of Napoleon Hill.  If you don’t know him, search him.  He believed one thing is always true. Commitment to your goal through hard work despite the obstacles will eventually reap you the rewards you want.  You just have to think positively.  So do that.

I don’t know how successful I will be with self-publishing.  Maybe I’ll be the next big thing, maybe I’ll go back to contacting agents and publishers, or maybe they will contact me.  All I know is that, nothing will stop me…ever.

I leave you with the words of Einstein:  “I am thankful to all those who said no. It’s because of them I did it myself.”

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