The Invisible Obstacle
25th January 2016
Quality or Quantity
27th January 2016

On this website, you have the opportunity to see the original artwork I had commissioned for you to get a grasp of the theme I want to convey in my writing.  In this post we will talk about Nate’s and Arianna’s bedroom, or more importantly, why I chose their bedroom as one of the pieces I chose to commission and bring to life.

One of the best ways to show the deep level of intimacy between two people is how they behave in their bedroom.  This isn’t just about sex (although this is important and, as you’ve read, pretty beautiful in graphic detail). The idea of intimacy is all those things a couple usually does when nobody is watching: deep cuddling, kissing, talking about private affairs, crying to each other when life gets hard. Each couple’s level of intimacy varies with how open they are in public.  If they show very little display of affection in front of others, then the emotions they display alone in their bedroom, you can bet, is deeply, deeply personal.

Nate is a private man, so the times he shares with his wife when he opens up to her about his feeling are truly intimate and, most times, occur in this bedroom. This sanctuary is the focal point of how he feels for her. It is the place he can let his guard down and take a break from being everybody’s rock.  He can safely crumble, if only for a little while.

Deep intimacy bonds couples together when times get rough, when loyalties are challenged, when forgiveness is so desperately needed.  This bedroom is the icon of that bond.  It is my hope that, when you look at this work of art, you see the love between two people that is so much more than physical touch, more than making love, although if you’ve read the story, you know that happens quite often too, and it’s pretty damn good.  😉

Great sex is a byproduct of unconditional love….and perhaps having a fireplace in your bedroom doesn’t hurt either.


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