The Reality of Fiction
25th January 2016

I’ve always stood in awe of buildings.  I’m so enamored by them that I think I was an architect in another life.  From country cottages to city skyscrapers, I find beauty in each element, each brick, each panel, although sometimes it’s hard to find depending on the building’s condition.

I think that’s true in life.  We have a tendency to look harshly at our world, find the worst in any circumstance. But if we view it with a more positive eye, something will make us better for the experience.  We just have to get through it, as dilapidated as the experience looks and feels.  And when we do, we find we are stronger for the struggle.

Pictured here is the Nix Medical Center in San Antonio.  It is the tallest building on the Riverwalk.  Built in 1930, it is the inspiration for the Gleason.  It shouldn’t take you long to see the meaning behind it and the relationship between good and evil, harsh reality and lessons learned.  What happens at the Gleason changes everybody in Nate’s world, rocks them, shakes them, and yet matures them.  The tragedy that took place at the Gleason should have never happened, and a loss is nothing to rejoice. The best you can hope for is that it makes people better people. At least, we can say it did.

How we handle strife comes down to our perceptions and our ability to find beauty and hope in this world and in ourselves.  Remember, mosaic glass is nothing but broken windows, yet many consider it a work of art.

I could have found a picture of the Nix Medical Center on the Internet and posted it.  But it wouldn’t have been the same as taking a drive back to Navarro Street and standing next to what has become the anchor in a love story for who many can relate.  It’s funny.  I kept snapping pictures but couldn’t get the images to show in color. I later learned, for reasons I still don’t know, my camera settings were set on black and white.  How ironic.

Screenshot_2016-01-11-21-38-10 (1)

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